展覽 Exhibition: 二零一八年五月,[en]counter 2018 Daily Ration,ArtOxygen,孟買,印度|May 2018, [en]counter 2018 Daily Ration, ArtOxygen, Mumbai, India



    Small public interventions for the green lung of Mumbai



    मोर 阿喱 Peacock


    आरे काकर्स कुंड 阿喱垃圾桶 Aarey bin


    पलाश 紫礦 Palash

    (相片 Photo: Vidhi Vora)




     मोर 孔雀


     आरे काकर्स कुंड 阿喱垃圾袋

    以在阿喱收集的垃圾製成的垃圾袋。阿喱沒有垃圾桶,村民習慣燒掉垃圾,損害自然環境。〈阿喱垃圾袋〉由繩、 竹枝和廢置的大面粉袋組成。垃圾袋掛在森林內垃圾較多處。

    पलाश 紫礦啫喱



    作品於[en]counter 2018〈日日為食〉期間創作。

    – – –

    Aarey is a series of 3 small public interventions that revolves Aarey Milk Colony, an urban forest in a suburb of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.   ‘Peacock’ and ‘Aarey bins’ respond to the garbage issue in the Colony, and ‘Palash jelly’ brings the little-known Colony to the city.

    Aarey Milk Colony has an area of 3,160 acres.  It is home to wild animals (e.g. leopards, peacocks), native plants, farmlands, milk plants and 12 villages.  Despite being one of the last remaining green patches of Mumbai, it has faced destruction with the building of various infrastructures from metro car shed, pipelines, highways, to a zoo.

    मोर Peacock

    ‘Peacock’ is a sculpture of peacock built with food-related garbage found in Aarey Milk Colony.  It is installed among trees, where people do not usually walk pass and actual wild animals would appear.  Seeing wild animals in the Colony is one dear everyday experience of the villagers.  Audience needs to look attentively from a distance in order to discover the work.  If audience wants, they may go into the trees to see the construct with artificial waste.

    आरे काकर्स कुंड Aarey bins

    ‘Aarey bins’ are simple garbage bins built with garbage found in the Colony.  The Colony does not have garbage bins, and villagers are used to burning all the garbage, which is harmful to the natural environment of the Colony.  Built with strings, bamboo sticks, and large disposed flour bags, the bags are installed in different spots of the Colony where garbage is thrown away.

    पलाश Palash jelly

    Palash is an orange flower that is native to the Aarey Milk Colony.  Villagers make tea with dried palash for its cooling effect.  Like other native plants and animals of the Colony, palash is little known by Mumbaikars.  I made jelly with palash tea and share the jelly on the bustling Juhu Beach in the city. I tried to arouse their interest in the forest, share the stories of the Colony, and reveal the linkage between the city and the Colony.


    The work was produced as part of Daily Ration, [en]counter 2018 in Mumbai.



    阿喱的垃圾 Rubbish in Aarey Milk Colony


    村代表的兒子幫手掛上〈孔雀〉 Prakash Bhoir’s family helping build ‘Peacock’


    紫礦啫喱、阿喱的土著音樂(Nimish Malde錄製)和由梁志剛繪製的阿喱地圖 The set of ‘Palash’: Palash jelly, folk music at Aarey (recorded by Nimish Malde), and handmade map of Aarey Milk Colony by Michael Leung


    〈紫礦〉啫喱於Juhu沙灘發生 ‘Palash jelly’ at Juhu Beach (相片 Photo: Vidhi Vora)


    媒體報導 Media Coverage:

    Hindustan Times / MiD DAY (1) / MiD DAY (2)


    主辦 Presented by:

    Art Oxygen


    協辦 In collaboration with:

    Art Together


    鳴謝 Special thanks:

    Prakash Bhoir and his family

    Amrita Bhattacharjee

    Vikram Arora

    Everyone at Aarey Conservation Group

    Nimish Malde