• 展覽及表演 Exhibition and performance:

    二零一五年七月至九月,Mur Nomade,香港 | July-September 2015, Mur Nomade, Hong Kong


    An exhibition on the subject of loss and remembrance


    (圖片 Photo: Mur Nomade)


    死亡在中國和不少文化中是個禁忌,受文化宗教的避諱所籠罩,悽惶不安所掩蔽。縱然死亡無可避免, 人卻受禁忌所限,不願去談論,甚至不願去想及它。藝術有其勇氣、誠心和靈巧去探究此難題,顯露埋藏背後的複雜情感。

    「訣」蘊含各種對死後存在(或是「來世」)的盼想,表現因死亡與失去所牽起,千頭萬緒,難以言 表的情感、記憶,夾雜眷懷和冀望。

    葉啟俊的聲音作品「南山未了」,重演他母親死亡的經過和當中的糾纏;莫頌靈的錄像「歸去 來了 渺渺」,表達她未能於爺爺離世時待在身旁的感受;沈寬創造的雕塑及紙船裝置「希望之旅」,將他 對母親離世的情感,化作分享願望的集體創作;而在「紙念」中,鄭㬢文將他人對逝者的期望,以及 她自己死後的存在,化為紙紮工藝品。

    展覽中的藝術創作,是治療和轉化的過程,重塑逝者、生者和自我的關係和記憶。每件作品均是個人 的悼念各儀式,不受宗教和傳統所束縛地喚起對死亡和生命的沈思。

    是次展覽為Mur Nomade徵集新晉策展人計劃書的優勝作品。

    – – –

    ‘away’ is an exhibition about death, and the invaluable and irreversible relations between the deceased and the alive. Using different media, the presented works delineate, in very personal ways, four encounters with death at various positions and stages of life.

    Death is a taboo in Chinese and many other societies, enveloped in cultural and religious confinements and emotional distress, which deters people to talk or even think about this unavoidable and universal matter. Art has the courage, earnestness and sensitivity to inquire into this strenuous subject and to express the concealed sophisticated feelings behind.

    With divergent imaginations of the being of the after death (or afterlife), the exhibition illustrates the complex and at times indescribable emotions and memories triggered by death and loss, from remembering the past to hoping for the future.

    Yip Kai Chun’s sound object ‘Incomplete Finale’ enacts the process of dying experienced by his mother and its entanglement; Jolene Mok’s video ‘You Know Where to Find Me’ expresses the feelings of not being present when her grandfather died; Foon Sham’s ‘Vessel of Hope’, a wood sculpture and paper boats installation, transfers the emotions caused by the death of the artist’s mother into a collective sharing of wishes; and in ‘Ash to Wish’, Amanda Cheng transposes the hopes of others for their lost ones as well as of her own afterlife into paper crafts offerings.

    Artistic creation in ‘away’ is a therapeutic and transformative process, reconstructing relations with and memories of the deceased, the alive and self. Each piece in the exhibition is an individual commemoration and rite, unbound to religion or traditional conventions, calling forth contemplation of death and life.

    The exhibition is the winning proposal of Mur Nomade’s ‘Open Call for Young Curators’.


    歸去 來了 渺渺,莫頌靈 | you know where to find me, Jolene Mok (圖片 Photo: Mur Nomade)


    南山未了 — 三年,葉啟俊 | Incomplete Finale – 3 years, Yip Kai Chun (圖片 Photo: Mur Nomade)


    紙念,鄭㬢文,仙之居(紙藝)設計工作室 | Ash to Wish, Amanda Cheng, Soul House (Paper Art) Design Studio (圖片 Photo: Mur Nomade)


    希望之旅,沈寬 |Vessel of Hope, Foon Sham (圖片 Photo: Mur Nomade)


    十二,黎仲文和謝穎欣的聲音及舞蹈表演 | Twelve, a sound and body performance by Andio Lai and Son Tse (圖片 Photo: Mur Nomade)

    展覽小冊子 Exhibition Note

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    Art Asia Pacific / Asia Art News三角志 Delta Zhi /  明報 Ming Pao Daily / 明報週刊 Ming Pao Weekly

    主辦 Presented by:

    Mur Nomade

    藝術家 Artists:

    鄭曦文 Amanda Cheng

    莫頌靈 Jolene Mok

    沈寬 Foon Sham

    葉啟俊 Yip Kai Chun

    黎仲文及謝穎欣 Andio Lai & Son Tse