В процессе строительства
Under Construction


    展覽及發表 Exhibition & presentation:

    二零一七年五月,<蘇維埃石屎>展覽及講座,艺鵠,香港 | May 2017, ‘Buildings of the Big Brother’ exhibition and talk, ACO, Hong Kong

    二零一六年十二月,ArtEast,吉爾吉斯比斯奇 | December 2016, ArtEast, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


    A video installation of Soviet and post-Soviet residential buildings in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


    img_6325_sDisplay at ArtEast, Bishkek, December 2016


    microdistrict_2Images from Микрорайон (Micro District)

    underconstruction_1rМикрорайон (Micro District) at ACO, Hong Kong, May 2017

    underconstruction_3rКиргизская 0912-я (Model House no. 0912) at ACO, Hong Kong, May 2017


    Through juxtaposing the visual elements of the residential buildings of different times in Bishkek, the work attempts to depict the gradual succession of the urbanscape of the city. The collected images focus on the possibly inconspicuous shapes, forms and ornaments of these buildings. Audience is invited to look into these little-noticed residential buildings and always-in-progress changes in the city.

    Under Construction consists of two videos. They are derived from the same collection of images. Model House no.0912 uses the building patterns and a vertical frame to reconstruct another ‘building’ with projection on-site, which is also a linear transition of residential buildings; Micro District links the visual elements of the residential buildings in Soviet time and after independence, flicking the two to form not-easily-recognisable images of buildings.

    Residential buildings are an integral part of a city. They may not be as eye-catching as the large monumental buildings that impress people and represent a city, but they play a significant role in shaping the whole city outlook. In Bishkek, the iconic Soviet residential buildings form the majority. Perhaps because of mass production, they may look almost homogeneous at the first glance, but the shapes and delicate ornaments have rich varieties. Meanwhile, numerous new constructions of luxurious flats emerge across the city.

    The residential buildings of the Soviet time and after independence promise two distinct ideals of home and society. While the Soviet and post-Soviet times are apparently polarised, and the break from the Soviet times is perceived as sheer, the transition of city outlook is usually rather continuous and much more gradual. Could the changes of the residential buildings and the urbanscape reflect the transition from the Soviet times to the post-Soviet era in Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan?


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    The work was produced during the artist residency at ArtEast, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.