Level Note one two


    展覽、表演及放映 Exhibition, performance and screening:

    二零一五年六月,MOM AND POP及天唐 設計,香港|June 2015, MOM AND POP & Tin Tong Design, Hong Kong



    A mobile exhibition & performance for two early summer nights on two rooftops in Kowloon


    Level Note one at night

    壹|Note one


    放映會,貳|Screening, note two


    「Level Note one two」 是個微型的流動展覽,於天台舉行。

    「Level Note one two」包含展覽、表演和放映,於六月下旬連續兩個週六黃昏,於九龍兩個天台閃現。是次活動將藝術帶離畫廊和博物館,移到平日少作藝術用途的天台,展現它成為藝術空間的可塑性。


    「Level Note one two」着重「流動性」— 相比場地固定的展覽,一個「流動」的展覽有何困難和可塑性?作品如何在不同而混雜的空間中改變?「流動」展覽在遷移的過程中,又有何改變? 是次展覽中的作品,同樣探索移動性和暫時性。

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    Level Note one two is a mini, temporary and mobile showcase on rooftops in Hong Kong.

    This showcase comprises exhibition, performance & screening. It pops up on two rooftops (one and two) on two consecutive Saturdays in late June, each from late afternoon to the evening. It brings art out of the ‘white cube’ to a less expected space, exploring the possibilities of rooftops as a platform for art in Hong Kong.

    The two respective rooftops are on an industrial building in Kwun Tong and a tong lau (‘Chinese building’ literally; often refers to buildings built in late 19th century to the 1960s in Hong Kong) in Sham Shui Po, the two once-major types of buildings in Hong Kong. These spaces are exemplars of Hong Kong’s urbanscape, offering alternative facets of the city. In a city renowned for its extreme crowdedness and vertical development, rooftop can be an ideal place to experience the charm of a city.

    This showcase emphasises the notion of travel – The challenges and potentials of a travelling (and almost portable) art showcase compared to a relatively static exhibition; the adaptation of the artworks into different hybrid spaces; the transformation of the showcase in the process. The selected artworks share an equal interest in mobility and temporality.


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    聯合策展 Co-curation:

    周翌 Chow Yik



    Xavier Ambroise|Yee Ling Chiu|Mathilde Fenoll|Irma Kalt|Mika Savela|Samuel Yip|Kit Chan & Nicolas Camacho|Su Jung & Alexander Whittaker|Porin Kulttuurisäätö



    Meiki Lee|Andio Lai & Friends



    Synes Elischka|Linda Lai|Pei-Wen Liu|Gonçalo Luz|Jolene Mok|Gerardo Montes de Oca|Minha Park|Chris Shen|Yiva Wong|Zung Woon


    Co-organisers 合辦:


    Tin Tong Design 天唐 設計