se vires o mar que eu vejo
if you see the sea i see


    Event 活動:

    15 – 17 September 2016, castle of Arraiolos, Alentejo, Portugal | 二零一六年九月十五至十七日,阿夏若洛,阿連特如,葡萄牙


    Passeio noturno pelo castelo de Arraiolos, Alentejo, Portugal

    A night audio walk at the castle of Arraiolos, Alentejo, Portugal



    Para os participantes: 

    Arquivo de áudio mp3 & mapa (Portugués) – DESCARREGAR AQUI

    For participants:

    mp3 audio files & map with instructions (English) – DOWNLOAD HERE








    Viewing from the castle of Arraiolos, a dry, inland village in the flat Alentejo, a ‘sea’ slowly emerges after dusk: Houses becomes a pier, light towers, islands; cars becomes boats, ferries, cargo ships . . . a black, boundless sea.  Evidently it is the sea of my city.

    While surprised by my apparent homesickness or loneliness, I share the imagination of the view, my experience in Arraiolos, sceneries of Hong Kong through an audio walk.  The walk starts shortly after sunset and ends when the sky is totally dark.

    The walk was first launched in Mid-Autumn Festival, a festival in Hong Kong for moon appreciation and reunion.  It is now disseminated with a map in different locations in Arraiolos from the end of October 2016.

    葡萄牙的阿夏若洛(Arraiolos)位處內陸,地勢平坦,夏日乾罕,四周一片金黃。日落時分,由阿夏若洛的城堡往外望,景色慢慢化成一片「海」:屋恍若碼頭、燈塔、島嶼;車恍若小艇、渡輪、郵輪 . . . . . . 漆黑無邊的海。這 根 本 是香港的海。




    – – –

    The work was produced during the artist residency at Córtex Frontal, Arraiolos.

    作品於阿夏若洛Córtex Frontal駐場時創作。


    Translation 翻譯:

    Cristina OLIVEIRA

    Mercedes VIDAL-ABARCA


    Voice acting 聲演:

    Madalena PIMPÃO (Portuguese)

    Filipa SANTOS (Portuguese)

    YIP Kai Chun (English)


    Special thanks 鳴謝:

    CHIU Yee Ling

    Maria MARVILA

    Bernardino MIRA

    SO Wai Lam

    WANG Zehua


    ‘if you see the sea I see’ is incorporated with 1) ‘Bridge Construction’ by Sunny Chan; 2) ‘Construction’ by Sunny Chan; 3) ‘Sea Reclamation’ by Sunny Chan; 4) ‘Mid-Autumn Crowd’ by Anita Kwok; 5) ‘Spring Showers’ by Kwong Wing-ka; 6) ‘Sai Wan Waves’ by Michael Leung; 7) ‘Cicada’s song after dark’ by Siu Kam-han; 8) ‘Breathing of KMB’ by Wong Fuk-kuen; 9) ‘Mood of Mid-Autumn’ by Wong Fuk-kuen; 10) ‘On Ferry’ by Joseph Zhan; and 11) ‘Waves’ by Joseph Zhan, used under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 HK. The list is alphabetically ordered by the collectors’ surname. The original sources can be found on